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The $2 Billion Man


Prem Watsa is the richest, savviest guy you've never heard of. He predicted the crash of '87, the Japanese collapse of 1990 and last year's meltdown, which he parlayed into a huge payoff. Now he's gobbling up shares at rock-bottom prices. What he knows and why you should pay attention. by Alec Scott.

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Shining stars since the dark days of 2009

ENDED MARCH 31, 2012

                                                           Assets      3 years to   
Fund                               Category           MER  (in $ mil.) March 31/12  
Trimark Canadian Endeavour         Cdn Focused Equity 2.21 708.8       23.47%       
iShares Diversified Monthly Income Canadian Equity    0.55 441.4       23.31%       
Fidelity Canadian Large Cap-A      Cdn Focused Equity 2.49 277.9       23.20%       
Mackenzie Growth                   Cdn Focused Equity 2.48 265.2       20.86%       
RBC O'Shaughnessy All-Cdn Equity   Canadian Equity    1.82 228.9       20.76%       
EdgePoint Canadian Portfolio FE    Canadian Equity    2.28 198.9       20.38%       
Mackenzie Cundill Cdn Sec Cl       Cdn Focused Equity 2.44 85.7        19.88%       
Bissett Canadian Equity-A          Canadian Equity    2.58 434.4       19.45%       
IG Bissett Canadian Equity A       Canadian Equity    2.74 199.1       19.14%       
iShares Cdn Fundamental Idx Cmn.   Canadian Equity    0.60 n/a         18.50%       
Mawer Canadian Equity              Canadian Equity    1.25 177.7       18.19%       
Trimark Cdn Plus Dividend Class A  Cdn Focused Equity 2.56 68.4        17.55%       
Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity B    Canadian Equity    1.57 116.9       17.27%       
DFA Canadian Core Equity A         Canadian Equity    1.49 n/a         17.20%       
Manulife Canadian Inv Class        Canadian Equity    2.52 261.3       16.46%       
S&P/TSX Total Return                                                   15.59%       

Source: Globe Investor

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"David Winters is one of the world's greatest investors" - Wall Street Journal
Deep discount value specialist.