Value-Based Investing

We concentrate on using money managers that select securities based on their current relative value. Generally, these are securities that currently trade at a low price/book value and low price/earnings ratios. We are not keen on speculative "investing" nor mutual funds that are growth oriented. Learn More >

No Fees

We offer funds free of any front end loads or deferred sales charges. This keeps your costs low and provides you with increased flexibility should you wish to switch funds or redeem at a future date. The dealer is paid a portion of the management fees on an ongoing basis to provide investment services to you.


We are not associated with nor influenced by any bank nor insurance or investment company. If you want to be successful you have to have the freedom to go against what is popular at the time and to be able to react quickly to changing market conditions.

We think different

Each representative endeavors to provide their client with above average results along with a low degree of risk. Risk is often the greatest at points of optimism and lowest at periods of pessimism. Investing is not a popularity contest.


We have been through many gyrations of the market over the past 30 years and experience is a great teacher. No rookies here.